enconso Team Event – Day 1

I would like to describe here our team event, which took place on 14-15 december 2013.

We started with registration in the Haus Daheim Hotel in Bad Homburg. It was an old house, built middle 19th century, with the old wooden furniture and a spirit of hearthstone.

After registration in the hotel we moved to Taunus mountains. Temperature in Bad Homburg was about +4 grad. And on the top of the Taunus it was -2 °C and really foggy.

First, what we saw, were 3 fantasy characters, coming from the fog. I had a feeling, that we tuned to the wrong road and got into the fairyland of Hobbit.

Three fantasy characters

The truth was: there were three girls, who were inspired by Hobbit movie and decided to make a photo session with original costumes.

And a final photo with the models :)

Group photo

After a foto with Hobbit Heroes we moved further to watch Taunus beauties.

It was a first time this year, I saw a snow. Here are some samples…

After Taunus we moved to the X-mas Market placed in the center of Frankfurt city. Hot mulled wine and the field mushrooms in a garlic sauce made this evening.

After X-Mas Market we had a great tour on CommerzBank, which is almost 300 m height and has a beautiful themed gardens.

After CommerzBank there was a Bouling, but unfortunatelly w/o fotos.